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Private Class

  • One-on-one instruction from a baking instructor
  • Customized lesson plan based on student’s goals and skill level
  • Ideal for personalized attention and instruction, or specific needs/dietary requirements

Baking Parties

  • Fun and interactive experience for groups of friends or family members
  • Organized around a particular theme (cake decorating, cookie baking, etc.)
  • Includes hands-on instruction, games, and prizes

Corporate Team Building

  • Unique team-building experience for businesses and organizations
  • Baking class organized as a group activity
  • Participants work together to create a variety of baked goods to promote teamwork, communication, and creativity among employees.

Group Classes

  • Baking classes for groups of students with similar interests or skill levels
  • Classes could cover a variety of topics, such as bread baking, pastry making, or cake decorating
  • Ideal for students who want to learn in a group setting and share their experiences with others


  • Intensive baking workshops focused on a specific topic or skill
  • Workshops could be led by a guest instructor or expert in a particular area of baking
  • Ideal for students who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in a particular area of baking

Baking Camps

  • Summer or school break baking camps for kids or teens
  • Camps could include a variety of activities, such as baking classes, field trips to local bakeries or farms
  • Ideal for young people who want to learn about baking in a fun and engaging environment.