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Dispute Policy

Nomads Tech Pte Ltd (https://bakeryonlineacademy.com) is committed to reaching a prompt and fair resolution of any disputes, conflicts, or disagreements that may arise from time to time, and that may threaten the functioning of the transaction or operation.

This policy refers to disputes  between company and client;
By a client regarding a services policy, process or procedure; and
By a client regarding a services fees, services arrangement.

Company encourages client to resolve any issues or concerns that they may have at the earliest opportunity.

It is important that as issues do arise, they are dealt with in a fair and timely manner. While some conflicts will be resolved by an informal discussion between the parties, others will need a process for successful resolution.

Dispute resolution principles are:
– Respect for another’s point of view;
– Commitment to resolving the issue;
– Willingness to compromise;
– Confidentiality;
– Impartiality;
– Respect;
– Prompt action; and,
– Freedom from repercussions.

The dispute must be set out in writing and sent to Company customer service department. The customer service department must acknowledge receipt of this document within two days.

The customer service department will bring the issue to a client dispute meeting. When raised at a client dispute meeting all people involved will be given the right to speak.

The matter should be discussed with all person present, unless they have advised otherwise.

The decision made by the Company is final but may be reviewed in situations where:

(a) New information has emerged that was not available when the original decision was made.
(b) Customer service department has become aware of an error in previous information that was used to make the decision.

Disputes are handled respectfully, confidentially, and in accordance with natural justice.