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Slice of Heaven

The purpose of a cake-making class is to teach students how to create delicious and beautiful cakes from scratch. Cake-making is an important skill for home bakers and culinary enthusiasts alike, as it allows them to create unique and personalized cakes for special occasions or just for fun. A cake-making class typically covers the basic techniques involved in cake-making, such as mixing, baking, and decorating, as well as the different types of ingredients that can be used to create different flavors and textures in cakes. By the end of the class, students will have a better understanding of how to create delicious cakes that are tailored to their own tastes and preferences. Additionally, a cake-making class can be a fun and enjoyable way to learn a new skill and connect with other culinary enthusiasts. Whether students are looking to create beautiful and delicious cakes for special occasions or simply want to learn a new skill, a cake-making class can provide the knowledge and inspiration needed to succeed.

Main Features

  • Recipe variety
  • Decorating techniques:
  • Ingredient exploration
  • Hands-on learning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fun and social

What is the target audience?

  • Home bakers who want to improve their cake-making skills or learn new techniques.
  • People who are interested in making their own cakes from scratch, using high-quality ingredients and traditional methods.
  • Culinary enthusiasts who want to learn more about cake-making as a culinary art form.
  • Individuals who want to create beautiful and delicious cakes for special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays.
  • Anyone who wants to learn a new skill and have fun in the process.
You will likely need basic baking equipment such as mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, a stand mixer or hand mixer, a cake pan or multiple cake pans, and a cake turntable. You may also need specialty tools such as a cake leveler, offset spatula, piping bag and tips, and a cake scraper.
You will need basic baking ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and milk. You may also need specialty ingredients such as baking powder, baking soda, and flavorings such as vanilla extract or cocoa powder. For specific cake flavors, you may need additional ingredients such as chocolate, fruit purees, or nuts.
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Enrolled: 34 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 1
Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced

Working hours

Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Tuesday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Thursday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Friday 9:30 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed